About the author

KLAAS ALBERTS ; singer and poet

Being a qualified garden designer, Klaas Alberts studies poetry from an artist’s point of view. Approaching a text as its author’s answer to the standard problems of composition, he never experienced the problems with interpretation that have been haunting Literature Studies ever since it went scientific.

Being the translator of a Dutch chamber choir, his involvement with a text usualy starts with singing it in a four part setting. Which, of course, resulted in the original contents of this site. Contents whose basic raison d’étre is some kind of escapism from the fact that, as a singer, Klaas Alberts is more gifted with enthusiasm than with talent. A setback that also restricts his literary ambitions to writing light verse just for the fun of it. The experience, however, combines with his approach of a text as a piece of architecture to the ability to reconstruct the creative process that forged this text.

A first result of this method of analysis can be found on : http://willsdrawingboard.123website.nl

‘Will’ is, of course, William Shakespeare, who died exactly 400 years ago. On his old drawing board you’ll find an evidence based reconstruction of his 1594 stage directions for Romeo & Juliet.