A Dutch comment on The Art of Text Interpretation

A Dutch blog by name of  The Hidden Law  has recently dedicated a few lines to my paper on Emily Dickinson. Which is good news. And bad.

The good news is the positive comment. The bad news its observation that this author has a grudge against Literature Studies. Which would be rather ungrateful. If this site offers a better view on poetry than usual, it is because this author took the liberty to place it on the shoulders of giants. And on the diligent research by Literature Studies as a whole. With exception of Literary Criticism, that is. For the obvious reason that its methods don’t work.

Because it is such a fine example of building a case on other people’s research, and because the scheduled publication of a paper on Twelfth-Night has been delayed,  I have forwarded the arrival on this site of my reconstruction of Romeo and Juliet. The scheduled piece will soon be ready to follow.

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