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Created to publish The Art of Ralph Vaughan Williams, this site now presents a variety of papers that were all initiated by a choral setting of some poem. The Art of Text Interpretation, for instance, goes ultimately back to the lines its author once had the pleasure to sing in performances of music by Carl Loewe (Erlkönig), and Samuel Barber (Let down the bars).

Playful the poetry is on three main pages, respectively dedicated to The Art of Ralph Vaughan Williams, The Art of Text Interpretation and to William Shakespeare.

The Art of Ralph Vaughan Willams explores the combination of three seemingly unrelated poems to a cycle of songs on a single text.

The Art of Text Interpretation demonstrates that it is quite simple to understand poetry. If one avoids the methods of Literature Studies.

Playwright or Figurehead deals with the longlist of one and only authors of Shakespeare’s plays.

The First Night of Romeo and Juliet is the reconstruction of the famous tragedy as it probably has been performed on Wednesday 31 July 1594.














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