Hibernation and more

Part 1 of The Art of Ralph Vaughan Williams has been on this site for some ten years now. In a faulty version, because the transition from a wordprocessing document to HTML went with some losses in the lay-out. Quite annoying for a text that depends on its lay-out to communicate some of its contents. Over the years, the site builder/webmaster proved unable to solve this problem – and many an other. He can be excused for that, because he was at the time hampered by a ‘benign’ brain tumor.

He made a good recovery, but never returned to site building. Leaving this author with the access code to some master pages, that, as far as he was concerned, could as well have been written in Chinese characters. Lacking the means to update his systems, he left the site to itself, and prepared in the following years lots of new material for it.

Now time has come to publish, and the original site has been replaced by a prefabricated template that, with some professional help, even this author can handle.

Parts 2 and 3 of The Art of Ralph Vaughan Williams had from the start been available on request. They are now on line.

The 5 English Folk Songs by Ralph Vaughan Williams deal with charity. Something this site has no direct need for. But if you’d want to reward the effort that went into it, you are invited to donate to some charity fund of your own choice.

These are just a few random suggestions :

  • International Red Cross
  • Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Wikipedia