Robert Pallant

Date of birth unknown. Followed Beeston in 1603 to the Queen Anne’s Men. In the ca. 1597-98 SDS-plot deployed in five minor parts as adult men. And one more important. This defines his age as eighteen at least. He also plays Philomela, 1  whose required feminine appearance indicates a younger age. But she has for most of the time neither a tongue, nor lines. The necessity to express her character by body language alone, requires a youth who combines great experience with still sufficiently feminine looks. And because his voice sets no age limit, he is again eighteen at least. But, in a woman’s part, definitely not much over eighteen either. This dates his birth 1578 or ‘79.

Philomela is played by ‘Ro R Pall.’ Katman reads here RoGo (Robert Gough) as Philomela + R. Pallant as an omitted character. A slip of the pen is more likely : one Robert is corrected to make another. As in Duke’s case without blotting out the error.